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Product Image Wetware: Cyberpunk Erotica

Wetware: Cyberpunk Erotica

$ 3.49

Cyberpunk anti-heroes face global conspiracies, misused government R&D, thugs, drugs, true love, artificial intelligence, and vengeful sexbots in this collection's heady mix of sci-fi and sex.

Wetware shows how hot "high tech low life" can get when it's spiked with all the glittering and frightening possibilities of cyberpunk. Seven unpredictable stories depict hackers, transhumans, androids, pop stars, armed revolutionaries, government contractors and more who discover that sex is hotter with hacked, stolen and renegade tech -- especially when it's a high-risk proposition.

Some erotica writers have ideas, others have visions. Love is a side-effect of stolen, weaponized biotech in "Bishop to King's Pawn, Two" by Thomas S. Roche. In "Synthetic Skin" by Kendra Jarry, a government contractor steals secret field hardware for the sole purpose of seduction. A brainwave hacker's conquest in a club bathroom stall takes a turn in Cecilia Tan's "Rough, Trade."

Lines are crossed and re-crossed when the household helper bot in Devyn X. Sands' "Never Say No" has had enough of her owner's perversions. "Sixty-Five Night" by Stephen Stavros charts a dangerous AI experiment that pushes one woman into a seedy neon ghetto for a public transhuman sexual encounter -- under the shadow of a murder conspiracy.

Cyberpunk's sexuality has always been transgressive and prescient; this collection brings the genre's tradition into the current state of cyberpunk affairs. Wetware isn't a typical erotica collection, nor is it a typical sci-fi anthology. It's also a rich celebration of hacker and cyberpunk culture, within the hallmarks of this culture's rich and diverse sexualities and genders. It's a tech-savvy, philosophically-rich, erotic anthology artfully spiked with cyberpunk-themed cocktail recipes and recommendations for sexy cyberpunk films, books, and anime. 

Blue's introduction "Coded in Spirals and Pheromones" features story excerpts in an essay examining cyberpunk sexuality, and how our fantasies of a gilded cyberpunk future have arrived -- while at the same time, something has gone horribly wrong with the way technology was supposed to empower us. Blue explains exactly why "it is our growing sense of things gone terribly wrong that gives the stories here their power, anchored in one of cyberpunk's most defiant agents of change: Sex."

This book contains adult situations, including BDSM, domestic discipline, gender fluidity in sexual situations, backdoor and oral play, power exchange, role-play, spanking, bisexual men, and explicit scenes. The book also depicts non-monogamous relationships and sexual activity (and penetration) involving more than two individuals.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Coded in Spirals and Pheromones by Violet Blue 
  • Bishop to King's Pawn, Two by Thomas S. Roche 
  • Liquid Exploits: The Gibson Engine 
  • Rough, Trade by Cecilia Tan 
  • Say Cyber One More Time: Sexy Cyberpunk Films 
  • Dangerous Circuitry by N.T. Morley 
  • Liquid Exploits: Tschunk! 
  • Grinding by Janine Ashbless 
  • Say Cyber One More Time: Adult Cyberpunk Books 
  • Never Say No by Devyn X. Sands 
  • Liquid Exploits: Zero Couth 
  • Sixty-Five Night by Stephen Stavros 
  • Say Cyber One More Time: (Sexier) Cyberpunk Anime 
  • Synthetic Skin by Kendra Jarry

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