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Product Image Open Source Sex Ed

Open Source Sex Ed Audio

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Too many sex guides are centered around reproduction -- when the real reason we read them is to find out about pleasure. This is the nine-chapter MP3 audio version of Violet Blue's Open Source Sex Ed ebook, based on a body of sex ed writing work spanning over ten years: Blue has distilled the most popular sex acts and gives you the science of pleasure in action.
Open Source Sex Ed is a complete guide to sex, from flirting and fetishes, to rimming and beyond. Learn about male and female pleasure physiology, how we taste (and how to change it), oral sex techniques for fellatio and cunnilingus, how to shave, safer sex, unsafe sex toys, how to enjoy the g-spot and p-spot, information about lubricants, what to do with someone you’ve just tied up, how to enjoy fantasies and fetishes alone and with a lover.
Gallery images are from the Open Source Sex Ed ebook.
Delivery: one .zip file of nine .mp3 files. For all genders and orientations, couples and singles alike.