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Product Image How To Kiss

How To Kiss

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Everyone wants to be a great kisser: some people might be naturals at this underrated skill, but most of us worry, wishing our lips came with a manual. What's more is the other half of the kissing conundrum -- how do we know when to plant the first kiss, if someone likes what we're doing, or if they don't? And what do we do if someone we really like turns out to be a lousy kisser?
From delivering the perfect first kiss to orchestrating the hottest makeout sessions, sex educator Violet Blue explains in concrete detail how to make the most of your smooches. While imparting a lot of techniques and fresh ideas, Blue details the many types of kisses, how to make your mouth irresistible, kissing etiquette, how to ask for a kiss (with and without words) and much more. Never worry about beard burn, goopy lip gloss, hickies, kissing bugs, sloppy kissers, or kissing anxiety again. Leave them loving the way you kiss them -- from head to toe! -- with the cheat sheets in this nine-chapter ebook.
Also available as How To Kiss: MP3 audio book.
Delivery: .pdf download. For all genders and orientations; primarily female focus.