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Product Image Holiday Kink

Holiday Kink

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Seven stories, seven accomplished authors -- one collection of smart, explicit holiday kink to pervert the usual circumstances of cheesy cheer into unforgettable erotic predicaments.

The office's reluctant 'nice girl' gets volunteered to recruit a holiday party Santa… and she ends up over the security team lead's lap.

A boyfriend comes home late on Christmas Eve, only to find his girlfriend dressed as a cheesy elf-slut, fast asleep after gorging on the sex toys he left wrapped under the tree…

Public sex, rough dominance, chance encounters, mean girls with strap-ons, oral service, and very explicit sex deck the halls of this seven-story holiday collection.

This collection of twisted holiday erotica from skilled authors delivers much more than sexy stories with seasonal decorations on top. Instead, these stories twist the holiday trappings for sexual impact, and cast our yearly traditions into arousing set pieces. Each story is a kinky escape, and each chapter alternates with recipes for holiday aphrodisiac drinks and sex tips for holiday frolic.

This book contains adult situations, including spankings, domestic discipline, backdoor play, bisexual men and women, and explicit scenes. The book also depicts dominant sexual relationships, kinky sex toys and BDSM practices.  

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: A Keepsake by Violet Blue
  • It's A Secret, Santa by Alison Tyler
  • Kinking The Classics: The Flirty Eggnog Bar
  • Unwrapped by Ayre Riley
  • Good Housekeeping: Tips For Sex With Sweets
  • Sweets For The Sweet by Dante Davidson
  • Kinking The Classics: Hot Spiced Christmas Wine
  • A Very Naughty Elf by Felix D'Angelo
  • Good Housekeeping: Tips For Giving Sex Toys
  • Santa's Favorite Elf by Molly Laster
  • Kinking The Classics: Holiday Sangria
  • Mandatory Fun by Alison Tyler
  • Good Housekeeping: What To Do When They're All Tied Up
  • The Naughtiest Christmas by Xavier Acton
  • About the Authors, About the Editor

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Delivery: one .zip file including .pdf and EPUB. Heterosexual focus.