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Product Image Erotic Role Play

Erotic-Role Play Audio

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Erotic Role-Play is a nine-chapter MP3 audio compendium of how-to's and ideas to make sexual fantasies and role play part of your arsenal of favorite sex toys for two. So often we find ourselves with a fantasy we want to try, but don't know how to bring it up -- or pull it off without tanking the moment. Or, we find ourselves with the perfect sexual playmate with a fun fantasy, but have no idea where to start -- or what to do once the handcuffs are on.
Never worry about ideas for sex or erotic stage fright again. Spiced with short explicit fiction to get you in the mood, Erotic Role Play tells you how to ask for what you want in bed (or somewhere racier), how to find out what your lover wants the most, how to plan a sex scene, dealing with scary or weird fantasies, and all those things about fantasies that the other sex guides left out.
Gallery image story examples are from the Erotic Role-Play ebook.
Delivery: one .zip file of nine .mp3 files and one .pdf file. Heterosexual focus.