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30 Mar

About Digita Publications

Posted by Violet Blue

Digita Publications is Violet Blue's store where readers can find her self-published works and buy them direct: authors are paid directly. Established in 2007 upon the iPhone's June release, Blue endeavored to be with first to bring erotic books to the device and worked with a former Apple employee to publish the first Digita book in September, 2007. Digita Publications also strives for a world in which audio books are DRM free and unrestricted by corporate monopolies.

All ebooks and audiobooks are DRM-free and intended for sharing an unrestricted use. Follow Digita Publications on Twitter @digitapub, find out more about Ms. Blue at about.me/violetblue or follow her on Twitter @violetblue

Digita Publications authors include Alison TylerElizabeth ColvinEmilie ParisEric MichaudN. T. MorleySaskia WalkerThomas RocheViolet BlueXavier Acton and many more.