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Product Image The Cuckold Who Loved Me: Hotwives in Heat

The Cuckold Who Loved Me: Hotwives in Heat

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When a hotwife needs satisfaction, a cuckold husband must meet her shocking demands. Seven hardcore stories from skilled authors follow couples whose cuckold adventures go from mild to wild, ranging from first-time wives-who-wander to experienced women who dominate, manipulate, tease, deny, and thrill husbands with the extremes of cuckoldry.

In an excerpt from Alison Tyler's forthcoming novel The Happy Housewife, a frisky young wife decides to help her husband get ahead at work, by helping herself to his boss. The wife in Pearl Necklace by Jolie Joss will do anything to get a "pearl necklace" and ditches her husband -- or so she thinks.

In Shipping and Fulfillment, Josie Blackwell writes about a man whose slutty wife tells him she's going to let her well-hung boss have it all... but demands her husband watch from the shadows. In Ken Jarry's The Stud, a husband gets what's coming to him from a wife who makes him watch her stud lessons.

The wives are gleefully rapacious, lusty, and try things they've only dreamed of. Sometimes the men get to watch, listen, help hands-on, do the cleanup... or wear a chastity cage. Between each story, charming themed cocktail recipes give readers something to sip and enjoy, and chapters are peppered with sex and relationship tips for those who'd like to try cuckold fantasies safely in real life.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: To Have and To Cuckold by Violet Blue
  • The Happy Housewife by Alison Tyler
  • Kinking the Classics: The Voyeur's Vesper
  • Pearl Necklace by Jolie Joss
  • Good Housekeeping: How to Bring It Up
  • Takes All Comers by Ainsleigh Foster
  • Kinking the Classics: The Peeping Tom Collins
  • Shipping and Fulfillment by Josie Blackwell
  • Good Housekeeping: A Mobile Toy Kit
  • Mistress Mirage by Heather McKinney
  • Kinking the Classics: Milk of the Bull
  • The Stud by Ken Jarry
  • Good Housekeeping: Boundaries Template
  • Kind of a Bitch by Thomas S. Roche
  • Kinking the Classics: The After Sex Mint 
  • About the Authors, About the Editor

This book contains consensual adult situations, including backdoor play, erotic dominance and submission, chastity play, and explicit scenes. The book also depicts non-monogamous relationships and sexual activity (and penetration) involving more than two individuals. Heterosexual focus.

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