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Product Image Smart Girl's Privacy Kit

Smart Girl's Privacy Kit

$ 13.89

Social media, online dating, photo sharing, mobile everything… It can make your life a convenient, connected dream -- or a privacy nightmare.
Take control of your privacy with the Smart Girl's Privacy kit, including:
The Smart Girl’s Guide to Privacy ebook ( .pdf, no DRM)
* A complete assortment of Privacy Stickers (six styles, 30 stickers)
About Privacy Stickers
Your computer webcam can be turned on remotely without your knowledge: stop the creepers and spies with these specially designed stickers. Privacy stickers are completely removable and reusable, with gentle adhesive that lets you remove or reposition them with ease -- and they won't damage your camera or leave any gummy, icky residue behind. Stick them on laptop and desktop webcams, tablet cameras, phone cameras and any device that has a way to take a pic or record a video. This pack comes with all six designs (red star, red heart, white lotus, "NSFW", the "no photos" symbol, and warning symbol). The sticker pack is available separately at Privacy Stickers.
About the book
The Smart Girl's Guide to Privacy is focused for women, yet applicable to all genders and orientations. The book helps you hack your way through the jungle of privacy chaos and fight back against sleazy marketers, unethical megacorporations, scammers, stalkers, hacked apps, and thieves.
• What to do when a compromising photo of you ends up on the internet. 
• Keep your address and phone number private from exes, stalkers and that creepy guy who just hit on you at the bar. 
• Why online privacy is just as important — if not more important — than your physical privacy. 
• What websites you can trust — and those you can’t. 
• The privacy holes that hurt working women most. 
• Fix reputation disasters. 
• Act fast and save your privacy if you’ve been hacked, had your identity stolen, or are the target of "revenge" image posts. 
• Find out if someone has been on your computer or in your email. 
• Why appearing on “People Finder” websites isn’t as harmless as it seems. 
* How to set up safe online profiles.
Whether you're looking for a simple social media privacy guide, trying to make a dating profile, prepping for a job search, trying to keep work and life separate, worried about the latest hacking news, or you're in an online crisis, you'll find the answers in The Smart Girl's Guide to Privacy.
Delivery: one .zip file containing the book in .pdf and .epub versions. Stickers require a mailing address and arrive within one week.