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Product Image Privacy Stickers - Red Hearts

Privacy Stickers - Red Hearts

$ 2.00

When your camera has been hacked, the little light won't go on if someone is spying on you. Stop worrying with these camera-safe stickers.

Privacy stickers are completely removable and reusable, with gentle adhesive that lets you remove or reposition them with ease -- and they won't damage your camera. 

One strip delivers five little privacy protectors.

Stick them on laptop and desktop webcams, tablet cameras, phone cameras and any device that has a way to take a pic or record a video. These stickers won't leave any gummy, icky residue behind.

A red heart on black creates a subtle expression about your gear, which belongs to you and no one else.

I made these stickers because I got tired of using Post-Its, or stickers with someone's brand on them -- I wanted stickers I'd enjoy looking at every day. Find more styles and ordering options at the Privacy Stickers store.