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Product Image Filthy Housewives

Filthy Housewives

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Modern housewives will do anything to scratch an itch, even if it means involving their best friend's wife, or even their best friend's husband.

The wicked, sometimes wayward wives in this seven-story collection know just what kind of persuasion it takes to make their men cross the line. Wives scheming to dominate their men -- or be dominated. Husbands who want to see "to have and to hold" include a few of the handymen. These expertly-crafted, unpredictable and clever stories detail a litany of illicit, premeditated seductions -- sometimes drawing in dominant neighbors, surprised young studs, unsuspecting husbands turned into playthings, or wives caught being… filthy.

With a decidedly hardcore twist on seven stories of wives bored and brimming with unrequited fantasies, and husbands who want to fulfill every one of their secret desires, Violet Blue doesn't disappoint with this wicked anthology. Between the stories, charming intermissions offer household bondage tips, kitchen spanking suggestions, and cocktails to keep your household running smooth as fresh-pressed silk. Each story was carefully crafted to spec for award-winning, bestselling erotica editor Ms. Blue, by seven of today's hottest erotica authors -- guaranteeing vivid characters, dramatic stories and a pulse-pounding, page-turning finish every time.

This book contains adult situations, including spankings, domestic discipline, backdoor play, bisexual men and women, and explicit scenes. The book also depicts non-monogamous relationships and sexual activity (and penetration) involving more than two individuals.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Modern Wifecraft by Violet Blue
  • Out of Luck by Alison Tyler
  • Kinking the Classics: The Maple Old Fashioned
  • The Professor's Wife by Amelia Monroe
  • Good Housekeeping: Tips for Household Bondage
  • Home Sweet Home by Tasha Waters
  • Kinking the Classics: The Very Dirty Martini
  • Picture Perfect by Emilie Paris
  • Good Housekeeping: Tips for Kitchen Spankings
  • Neighborhood Wives Watch by Jewel Rodriguez
  • Kinking the Classics: The Planter's Punch
  • Remote Controlled by Melanie Daniels
  • Good Housekeeping: Tips for Cleaning Your Toys
  • Eggshell, Ecru, and Linen by Dante Davidson
  • About the Authors, About the Editor

Delivery: one .zip file including .pdf and EPUB. Heterosexual focus.

The Filthy Housewives Amazon Kindle book is also available.