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Product Image Erotic Role Play

Erotic Role-Play

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Erotic Role-Play is a detailed, clear, and infinitely useful guide to making sexual fantasies come true. In this how-to book packed with information, learn how to introduce a sexual fantasy into your relationship, how to choose a sexy role for the fantasy, how to set up the fantasy, and how to overcome nervousness and shyness when trying new sexual fantasies.

This book is a completer guide for role-play and fantasies for couples and singles alike, and it's for all genders and sexual orientations. It's packed with step-by-step plans so you leave nothing to chance, and provides a huge catalog of sexual fantasies to give you new ideas, or make your favorite fantasies even hotter. This book also guides you through challenges that can come up during sexual fantasy exploration and doesn't shy away from helping readers deal with difficult feelings or navigating a fantasy when things don't go as planned.

This book also features three erotic fiction short stories, where three couples explicitly try out fantasies of dirty talk, human animal role-play, and role-play where one partner is a sex worker.

So often we find ourselves with a fantasy we want to try, but don't know how to bring it up -- or pull it off without tanking the moment. Or, we find ourselves with the perfect sexual playmate with a fun fantasy, but have no idea where to start -- or what to do once the handcuffs are on.

Never worry about ideas for sex or erotic stage fright again. Erotic Role-Play tells you how to ask for what you want in bed (or somewhere racier), how to find out what your lover wants the most, how to plan a sex scene, dealing with scary or weird fantasies, and all those things about fantasies that the other sex guides left out.

Table of contents:

Chapter 1: Adventures and Predicaments
Chapter 2: Roles and Scenarios
Chapter 3: Erotica: Obscene Phone Call by Scott Wallace
Chapter 4: Choosing a role
Chapter 5: Make a Scene
Chapter 6: Erotica: Bad Doggy by Julia Moore
Chapter 7: Get Motivated
Chapter 8: Scenarios
Chapter 9: Erotica: The Rules of the Game by Thomas S. Roche
Delivery: .zip file download containing .pdf and EPUB. Heterosexual focus.