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Product Image Bisexual Husbands

Bisexual Husbands

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Seven stories skillfully depict seven different bisexual husbands whose cravings for a same-sex tryst have reached the point of no return, and their wives can't wait to watch -- or join in, sometimes controlling the action. Layered characters and vivid, clever fantasies drive this compendium of bisexual men in loving couples who want to get dirty -- sometimes taking turns as the center of a three-way where there's truly no limits.

In "Your Turn" an unsuspecting husband is turned into a plaything by his wife and her dominant executive boss; in "Pick Up The Interest" a woman orchestrates payback for a secret same-sex favor her husband received in college. "Roger's Fault" watches a husband find out his wife wants to be "one of the boys" in a same-sex threesome; "Sparks Will Fly" finds a wife picking up a total stranger in an exclusive hotel for a surprise encounter her husband will never forget.

In editor Violet Blue's award-winning style, this collection takes graphic erotica, casts each story with complex and relatable characters, puts them in the hands of exciting writers, and blends literary erotica with hardcore. Bisexual Husbands delivers a rich erotic anthology, artfully spiked with charming cocktail recipes and playful tips for trying out bisexual fantasies in real life. Blue's introduction to the book "Bisexual and Voracious" features steamy story excerpts within an essay that looks at perceptions of male bisexuality and takes apart what everyone gets wrong about bi men -- namely, that they don't really exist. This book shows exactly (and graphically) just how hot bisexual men can be.

This book contains adult situations, including domestic discipline, backdoor and oral play, power exchange, role-play, bisexual men, and explicit scenes. The book also depicts non-monogamous relationships and sexual activity (and penetration) involving more than two individuals.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: "Bisexual and Voracious" by Violet Blue 
  • Private Lessons by Emilie Paris 
  • Kinking The Classics: The Gentleman's Manhattan 
  • Roger's Fault by Eric Williams 
  • Good Housekeeping: Tips For Strap-on Selection 
  • Pick Up The Interest by Jodi Fowler 
  • Kinking The Classics: Alan's Sidecar 
  • Endings by Julia Moore 
  • Good Housekeeping: Tips For Lubing Up 
  • Tell Me About It by Dante Davidson 
  • Kinking The Classics: The Roguish Gin Daisy 
  • Your Turn by Craig Thompson 
  • Good Housekeeping: Tips For Sharing Your Bi Fantasies 
  • Sparks Will Fly by Alison Tyler

Delivery: one .zip file containing .pdf and EPUB. Heterosexual focus.

The Bisexual Husbands Kindle book ($3.89) is also available.