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Product Image Access Prohibited: The Physical Security Tool Guide to Hacks, Cracks, and Recon


$ 9.89

If Jason Bourne had an illustrated guide to spy tricks, it would be Access Prohibited: The Physical Security Tool Guide to Hacks, Cracks, and Recon. Author Eric Michaud teamed up with illustrator Martin Whitmore, photographer Alex Rodriguez and a team of physical security penetration testers to distill physical security hacking into this incredible guide.

This fully illustrated 35-page color guide explains the tools, techniques and methods used in the field every day by physical security professionals worldwide to gain unauthorized access to buildings, rooms and facilities. The specialized tools and everyday items, from the exotic to the ordinary, are described in clear step-by-step instructions accompanied by color photos and bold illustrations.

Learn true techniques from the seasoned experts in Rift Recon's stable of engineers, red teamers, instructors and field operatives. Suitable for:

* Independent business owners

* Physical security hackers

* Red Team professionals

* Lock and bypass enthusiasts

* Women looking to increase personal security

* Parents - help your kids have better physical security

* Anyone looking to enter the physical security profession

Access Prohibited is the true "Red Team Handbook." 

Akin to a secret document, Access Prohibited reveals items and implementations that have never been fully explained until now, and were previously shared only by word of mouth.

* Fully illustrated, color photos, step-by-step how-to for 60 tools

* Tools and techniques for bypass, manipulation, reconnaissance

* True techniques from engineers, red teamers, trainers and field operatives

* Covers tools for mechanical and electronic locks, alarms, sensors, doors and gates, in-person authorization (social engineering tools), surveillance bypass techniques, access control protocols, lockpicking and key cloning, and more

Delivery: one .zip file containing the book in .pdf and .mobi versions. Also available on Amazon for Kindle.